5 top tips to handle negative product reviews on Amazon

Negative review on Amazon

A grumpy customer can easily ruin an Amazon seller’s day. Customers on Amazon pay much attention to the ratings and reviews than the product details. One negative review means a loss of £500 in my business, for example. So, it is natural that the seller goes into a panic mode on receiving a negative feedback on their product page.

If the review happens to be unrelated to the product, it is even worse, like this:

Product review on Amazon delivery
Product review on Amazon delivery

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As a seller, to keep you in peace, here are our top 5 tips for handling negative reviews:

#1. Believe in “Customer is always right” principle

Yes, we are in a world where some customers are becoming cheeky and pries for refunds through negative feedback. Believe me, not many of them are like that. I have come across customers that tried to help me by informing about a potential defect.

Almost 99% of the times, the customers have their real reasons to be grumpy about your product. Focus on improving that little problem and get back to them politely that you will improve it. Trying to prove that they are wrong on a public domain like product reviews section is only going to increase the chances of losing further sales. Nobody likes a negative customer service.

#2. Speak to the customer first when the review is not product-related

Customer left a review of a delivery issue on a product page? Or anything similar? Yes, they are absolutely wrong. They are confused between leaving a feedback and leaving a review.

If they have left the review with their name on, match the order and get in touch with them, trying to explain that it is really not a product issue and they can move their feedback to seller feedback (from where you can remove later). Explain that you are a small seller (if you are!) and their little act goes a long way in sustaining independent small businesses.

Odds are that they will not listen to you at all, but worth a shot.

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#3. Handling anonymous reviews

If the customer left the review anonymously, and if you want to open a dialog with them, there are 2 ways to find the matching order:

  1. Use an order-review matching tool. There are plenty available. Just google “product order review match amazon”. The match 90% of the times.
  2. Contact seller support explaining that you want to get in touch with the customer to resolve the issue. Most likely they will help you match the order. If one agent does not help, raise another support ticket.

#4. Contact seller support to remove the review

If you believe that the review is not related to the product or that the language is abusive, raise a seller support ticket. If one agent does not help, raise another, but not more than 2 times, as you will lose your privilege to access seller support.

Product reviews are handled by the Community team in Amazon, and they are very strict about their review guidelines. Unless the review is abusive, they will not remove it. So, seller support is helpless. Getting any help from them is a 50-50 chance.

#5. Gain more positive reviews

Your product is dear to you and you know it is the best. Ask around or use your favourite tools aggressively to get more positive reviews, which likely will obscure the effect of the negative review.

BONUS TIP: Use a seasoned consultant’s help

Bad review on your dear product is stressful. You will lose your cool with the customer if you deal with it yourself. Use a seasoned seller’s help. Check out our hand-picked consultants to help you handle this.

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