COVID-19: “Are manufacturers in China back into business?” Hear from the field feat. Zamir Cajee

Excerpts from this section of the meeting:

Zamir: We are in a lockdown at the moment? Are you still on a lockdown in China?
William: The lockdown has been lifted. We are very free to roam around now.

Zamir: What is the situation of manufacturing right now?
William: Compared to 2 months ago, now it is a lot better. 80% of manufacturing is back to normal.

Zamir: Of that 80%, are they all manufacturing the same goods as they did before? (Is there a shift in the kind of products?)
William: 70% of the manufacturers are overseas manufacturers. They are all producing the same goods definitely.

Zamir: Has the demand reduced?
William: Yes, the demand from clients has reduced, but we are in full capacity. We are asking workers to stay at home. So it is a bit of a challenge to get more orders. So, it is the best time for businesses to go look for a supplier.

Zamir: Are you able to travel freely to acquire samples and visit factories?
William: For 3 weeks now, it is all open.

Zamir: Have you noticed any restrictions on exports?
William: We have not noticed any restrictions. It is all the same as before COVID-19.

Zamir: In summary, things has returned back to normal and positive.

William: The only problem at the moment. The logistics are delayed and costly.
Zamir: Just after this, we are speaking to Westbound Global logistics, and we will bring this up to see what their opinions and thoughts are.

Meeting coordinated by: Premkumar Anand
Meeting designed and hosted by: Zamir Cajee

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