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Jake is an expert in professional e-commerce with 10 years of successful experience on eBay, Amazon, Wish and Etsy. He provides clear insight into the inner workings of the platforms in all aspects. His main focus is how to optimise your listings and grow your brand whilst minimising the manual input through automation and smart techniques.

Jake owns multiple online stores and sells his products internationally. He has developed 3 different brands and hundreds of trade marked products – specialising in personalisation of prints, cards, clothes, toys, health products, house and garden items and party products. He is a specialist in product development, inventing and project management, creating the majority of his products from his own ideas and having them manufactured by his team in his central London warehouse and offices.

Jake is truly a successful expert in the field with a breadth of experience, supported by having up to 16 UK based specialists in their field as employees, travelling and working with companies based around the world, teaching and consulting with some of the brightest in the market. He is currently focusing on implementing a physical global operation for his e-commerce stores, setting up warehouses in Germany, Australia and America.

He owns an Agile e-commerce software development company focusing on bespoke automated solutions for sellers and their unique requirements. Partnered with his e-commerce consultancy firm, advising medium to large businesses on how to grow and stay relevant in the ever changing realm of e-commerce. He also provides one-to-one training for new sellers and creates courses for multiple participants on how to sell successfully which can be of benefit to new and experienced sellers.

Hire Jake and his team to:

  • Start a new business in Amazon or eBay
  • Strategise your brand’s global growth leveraging on Amazon’s platform
  • Manage your Amazon marketplace channel
  • Optimise your PPC campaigns
  • Run workshops for any communities that you run
  • Mentor / train your employees for managing Amazon marketplace channel

How it works?

  1. Check Jake’s availability on https://calendly.com/j2ecommerce/. Find the slot(s) suitable for you. Do not book yet.
  2. Complete the purchase here for the number of hours you would like.
  3. You’ll receive an order notification.
  4. You can now book on the calendly link above.
  5. In the background, an admin will be in touch with you and the consultant to keep track of the hours used.

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Amazon account management, Beginners / New Shop, Established businesses, Globalise brand, Manage large catalog, Optimise PPC, Strategise


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