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Through his company Generation AMZ, Joppe provides full account management services for the middle and larger company segment. He has experience with both Seller Central and Vendor Central, Amazon advertising solutions and can manage inventory uploads, support issues, etc.


After 9 years in FinTech sales, Joppe changed careers and bootstrapped his own eCommerce business, primarily focused on Amazon. After studying the topic furiously, and learning from some typical first-timer mistakes, Joppe quickly grew the business to a six-figure turnover.

“At the end of 2018, I slowly started advising friends and family who have their own business on Amazon, and noticed I could really help them. They often implemented the ideas and grew their business. I was then referred to a middle size company that specialises in unusual gifts. I analysed their business and came to the conclusion we could do a lot to help. We pitched our ideas and worked with them for 9 months on reducing their advertising spend and we eventually grew their business by 300% whilst we reduced their advertising from 90%(!) to less than 10% of turnover.”

Joppe is now also working to launch a new line of products and to start a brand that sells both on and off Amazon.

“The goal is to have 50% of revenues from Amazon and 50% from other sources (Shopify, Etsy, Google Shopping and other marketplaces). We’re very excited about our future growth prospects, even during the Covid-19 crisis.”

How it works?

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