Sharanya Vivek



Account management | PPC optimisations | Beginners Mentoring



Sharanya started her Amazon shop in 2018. Works with beginners as well as established brands.

Hire Sharanya to:

  • Manage your Amazon marketplace channel
  • Optimise one or more PPC campaigns
  • Mentor starting up of your brand or product idea
  • Mentor / train your employee for managing Amazon marketplace channel

How it works?

  1. Check Sharanya’s availability on Find the slot(s) suitable for you. Do not book yet.
  2. Complete the purchase here for the number of hours you would like.
  3. You’ll receive an order notification.
  4. You can now book on the calendly link above.
  5. In the background, an admin will be in touch with you and the consultant to keep track of the hours used.
  6. The consultant will be paid by AmazinSellers based on the number of hours you approve. For longer bookings, they will be paid every week based on your approval.

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United Kingdom




Beginners / New Shop, Optimise PPC


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