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Teddy has been running his business in the Amazon US platform for just over a year, but in that time he has turned over more than £200k. He focuses on low competition products sourced from markets outside China, such as Vietnam and India.

Hire Teddy to:

  • Manage your Amazon marketplace channel in the US and UK/EU
  • Optimise one or more PPC campaigns and listings
  • Mentor / train your employee for managing Amazon marketplace channel

Teddy provides these additional services too:

  • Consultation on branding
  • Translation of listings in to EU languages: Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Teddy’s proudest work so far is with a pet food brand to translate all their listings into Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish, performed keyword analysis in each language and uploaded all the content for them. He did this for 14 ASINs and completed the project with our first sales in 3 weeks, so the client was very happy.

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