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Application for Industry-first Amazon Beginner’s Support by Teddy Smith


This service is provided by Consultant Teddy Smith

Beginning in Amazon FBA? Not sure what your next step is? Use this service provided by consultant Teddy Smith. Teddy has a $200K+ revenue business on Amazon US built just over 2 years and only 2 products. He strongly believes that building impressive brands lead to greater success in Amazon.

A one-to-one support for beginning Amazon Sellers is an industry-first.

The purchase from this page is for processing your application and non-refundable. This includes a 30-mins call from Teddy Smith to validate your application.

On a successful application, you will get 10 hours of one-to-one hands-on support from Teddy over 4 months, for a total price of £470 (when you pay upfront) or £500 (when you pay monthly over 4 months).

What will you get?

If your application is successful, you will get these but not limited to:

  • 10-hours of one-to-one hands-on support from Teddy over 4 months
  • Video / audio calls at a suitable time for a maximum of 2.5 hours per month
  • Worksheets tailored to your individual circumstances for every step of the business
  • Help with setting a strategy to establish a market on Amazon
  • Help validating your product research
  • Advise on tools and strategies that you can use
  • Advise on sourcing from India, China, and Vietnam
  • Advise on building a brand from the ground up
  • Advise on Amazon listing & marketing
  • Advise on selling in the US, UK, and EU

What is it not?

The biggest problem of beginning Amazon Sellers is that they get stuck in doubt. As a beginner, you may have taken a course or went through a lot of free materials and baffled about where to start. Quite possibly, you may have purchased a JungleScout or Helium-10 subscription for your product research and stuck in the research loop for months. Or you have started with a product and not sure why it is not selling. This is were this package will help you. Teddy will lend a confident helping hand to bootstrap your business based on his well-proven experience.

Beware: It is not a course, but rather a business support where Teddy helps you make right decisions. You must be already prepared to invest and get going with your Amazon business journey. You ideally would have familiarised yourselves with how an Amazon FBA business works using an online course or freely available material.

How it works?

  1. You will complete purchasing this application
  2. You will receive an email with a form to fill in
  3. You will receive a 30-mins call from Teddy for an assessment
  4. If you are a suitable match for working with Teddy, you will be asked to set up a safe direct debit to pay £125 upfront and £93.75 per month thereof for 4 months (a total of £500). This money is protected by AmazinSellers Refund Guarantee. You can choose to pay all upfront at £470 too.
  5. You will book calls with Teddy whenever it is convenient for you both over the 4 months. You are committed to use 2.5 hours a month.
  6. Teddy will provide you with worksheets in every step of your business startup helping from product research to successfully selling 1-2 products. No course/video links included. This is a one-to-one support, which is an industry-first for beginning Sellers.

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