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Build a brand new Shopify website by Premkumar Anand


This service is provide by Consultant Premkumar Anand.

Premkumar had built a number of Shopify websites for his own business. It is a triple bonanza to find technology people based in the UK, that understand commercial side of your business too. Premkumar fits this criteria. He first will understand your commercial goals with the website, suggests you how to start, and completes the full set up.

What will you get?

  1. A 1-hour initial consultation over a video call to understand your goals and requirements. Inputs to prepare your mind for the preferred design will be provided, if required.
  2. Suggestions on themes based on the goals.
  3. Set up the website with sample products.
  4. Work with you iteratively improving, not just listening to your requirements, but also suggesting what is best for you.
  5. A maximum of 1 landing page
  6. A maximum of 1 support page template (About Us, FAQ, etc..)
  7. A maximum of 20 hours of development time. No limit on revisions within these hours.
  8. A maximum of 5 hours of post support up to 3 months.
    1. Lead time of 3 weeks


This service is covered by AmazinSellers money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the end result, and you are not going to use the deliverable, the money will be refunded 100%.

What will be expected of you to provide?

  1. A clear idea of your customer base and your goals to achieve with them.
  2. A choice of 5 preferred themes. Inputs will be provided by Premkumar on how to pick themes.
  3. Theme to be paid for by you.
  4. Stock images to be paid by you, where appropriate and necessary.
  5. Good quality product images.
  6. Text/copy for all the pages.

Other notes

  • Shopify incurs a monthly payment and a per-transaction fees
  • Code customisations on the chosen theme is permitted within the maximum 20 hours development

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