eCommerce Accounting and Book-keeping consultation by Osome’s Taimur Ghafoor



eCommerce-specific financial consultation by a team of experts at Osome


This service is provided by an eCommerce Accountant, Taimur Ghafoor, from Osome.

eCommerce businesses have revenues and expenses inundated from all their channels. Keeping a clean book of transactions and seeing through the profit and loss reports is not an easy job for a business Owner. Not all the accountants are eCommerce aware.

Half of Osome’s clients are eCommerce businesses. They can answer any financially strategic questions you may have about any part of your eCommerce business.

Taimur Ghafoor has been in the field of accountancy and finance for about 7 years. His experience includes working in a practice and specialised industry which allows him to understand different aspects of accountancy and finance for different industries. With this diverse experience and understanding on how financial information can be used to boost your business performance, Taimur has helped his eCommerce clients in understanding on how each move you turn in your business can affect you financially.

What will you get?

  • 1 hour of phone/video consultation from Taimur Ghafoor, answering your imminent eCommerce financial questions, with no sales pitch at the end.

What is it not?

Taimur cannot sort out year-end corporation tax filing, or VAT returns, or general accounting tasks in this 1-hour booking, unless agreed during the call.

How it works?

  1. You will complete purchasing from this page
  2. You will receive an email from Taimur Ghafoor with available schedules

Suitable for:

Osome has a team of accountants and book-keepers. So they can accommodate any business size: Small, medium, and large enterprises.


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