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5-point check on product suitability for Amazon by Premkumar Anand



This service is provide by Consultant Premkumar Anand

Validate whether your product or brand idea is suitable for Amazon marketplace (UK & US).

Premkumar has launched 24 products so far in Amazon UK/EU for his own brands, with 75% success rate. His eye for numbers, right tools, and pragmatism will send you in the right direction to check the feasibility of using Amazon as a channel for your business/product.

What will you get?

  1. Review of your existing product or a product in ideation on whether it is suitable for selling well on Amazon, based on well oiled 5-point check
  2. Video / audio call at a suitable time for a maximum of 1 hour per product
  3. Verbal help with setting a strategy to establish a market on Amazon, with an option to extend further hourly calls.
  4. Verbal advise on tools and strategies that you can use to validate further product ideas yourselves
  5. Option to add one more product. Check options above.

What happens next?

  1. Once you purchase, you will receive an email with the link to book Premkumar’s time suitable with your time
  2. Prepare a little ahead on your product idea, how (or whether) you have validated it so far, and why you want to sell this product
  3. Premkumar will send details on how to join the call
  4. Join the call on the scheduled date/time

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